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Termites range in species from the Subterranean termite to the Formosan termite but they all have a few common characteristics. Termites are very social and  Read More »

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There are many species of ants such as the acrobat ant, argentine ant, fire ant, odorous house ant etc. The most common ant that is  Read More »

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American Dog Tick

American dog ticks belong to the Acacri/Ixodidae family. They have a tear drop or elongated oval shape and are flat before feeding. During the larvae  Read More »

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Fleas are small, blood sucking nuisances to cats, dogs and on occasion, humans. Fleas are tiny, measuring at about 1/8 on an inch. They are  Read More »

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The centipede is a nocturnal insect that resides in undisturbed moist environments such as unoccupied basements and damp bathroom; they can also be found outdoors  Read More »

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Houseflies (scientific name Musca Domestica) are a common pest that can be found almost anywhere. Houseflies are easily recognized by their dull grey/black thorax which  Read More »

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The most communal of the rodent family is the House Mouse, scientific name Mus musculus –Linnaeus. House mice gained their names simply from the fact  Read More »

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American Cockroaches

American cockroaches (scientific name Periplaneta Americana - Linnaeus) are easily recognizable; they are usually 1-3/8 to 2-1/8 inches in length. Cockroaches have a reddish brown  Read More »

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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees are from the Xylocopinae family; they are relatives of the bumblebee but their abdomen is black, shiny and hairless. Carpenter bees are fairly  Read More »

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Bed Bugs

Scientifically known as Cimex lectularius Linnaeus, bed bugs gained their notoriety from being constantly found in beds whether in personal homes, hotel, shelters etc. Due  Read More »

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"Dr Buggz is by far the most effective and conscientious exterminating company that I have ever worked with in more than 18 years as a New York City landlord. No other experience with an exterminating company comes close. Last summer we had one ground floor tenant whose apartment had many water bugs due to construction happening in the next-door building. The tenant was very upset. One of the Dr Buggz technicians not only solved the problem, he took time to meet with the tenant multiple times and explain the treatment process and reassure them about the chemicals being used and how the chemicals would be deployed in the apartment and the fact that the treatment was not toxic to people or pets. His ability to tackle the bug problem while also hand-holding the tenant is of great value to me as a landlord. I highly recommend Dr Buggz."
Owner - UWS Pearl, LLC
"After being left with a horrible rodent and roach infestation by previous tenants and no results from an exterminator I will leave nameless, Dr. Buggz Pest Control was recommended to me. Dr. Buggz Pest Control is professional, polite, efficient and extremely effective. They are very affordable which is also a plus. I started off with monthly servicing. After literally the first visit there was a significant difference. It took 4-6 months; but we are now rodent and roach free. We continued with monthly servicing for one year to be certain that the problem was completely eradicated. Now we only do maintenance. I am now a happy landlord with equally happy tenants."
Landlord in Brooklyn, NYC.
"I called Dr Buggz last Fall to schedule a regular, seasonal exterminating treatment for the multi-family upper west side brownstone that my wife and I own. We hadn’t seen any evidence of pests, but we wanted to be proactive especially with the change in seasons. One of Dr Buggz’ technicians arrived to treat the building and upon entering one of the apartments the tenant there informed us that she had a mouse problem. This was the first that I had heard from her about the problem. The technician didn’t skip a beat and went back to his truck for mouse control supplies. He proceeded to set traps and ascertain where the mouse or mice were getting into the apartment and block that up as well. He had to move a significant number of items out of cabinets in order to do his work, which he did with a smile. Within one hour of his departure the tenant reported that a mouse had been caught and that is the last we have seen of evidence of mice in the building. The cost for all of this was much, much less than I would have expected."
Owner - Adastra, LLC
"I am the Property Manager at ADACA Property Management of various locations around NYC. We have been receiving services from Dr. Buggz Pest Control for termites, bed bugs and other insects for the past two years. Pest sightings have reduced significantly since then. At the moment we are mostly maintaining the great condition of our buildings by receiving monthly pest control services. I would definitely recommend Dr. Buggz Pest Control for all rodent and pest related concerns, they provide excellent service and the results are unbeatable."
Property Manager - ADACA Property Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

To date; bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases to humans. However, reactions to their bites vary on a case by case basis. Some humans have no reactions to bed bug bites while others experience uncontrollable itching and reddish welts in groups of 3 or more in an almost straight line.

Sometimes yes but it is not recommended since you are not a professional technician. Attempting to eradicate the bed bug issue yourself may have the adverse effect and cause the issue to spread which causes more harm.

No, bed bugs thrive wherever the host (you) spends the most time within the home, school, office etc.

Yes, the surest way to ensure bed bug eradication after you suspect you have an issue is to contact management or your Pest Control company for an inspection. Do note that preparation is key on your part; you would receive a preparation sheet which should be followed step by step to ensure the best outcome. If it is determined that bed bugs are present, a trained and experienced technician who pays keen attention to detail and is knowledgeable can surely solve your issue.

There are many baits and traps which can get rid of the mice within the home but to prevent them from re-entering it is recommended that you schedule a rodent proofing. This involves locating and sealing all entry points that rodents use to gain access throughout the structure.

The targeted pest determines the frequency of treatment. A thirty to sixty day treatment window is recommended for general maintenance. The rule of thumb is prevention is better than cure.

Yes; our company uses eco-friendly and non-toxic products that can be used around children and pets.

Termites usually swarm during the early spring season. They are sometimes confused with flying ants. Other tell-tale signs include seeing mud tubes on the structure, darkening, blistering and soft wood within the structure. A professional should be contacted to determine if your suspicion of termite presence is correct and make recommendations for treatment if necessary.

Keep shrubs low, turn over or discard any empty containers on the property. Discard old tires or debris on the grounds. Ensure gutters are cleared and are not retaining water, conduct regular property inspections to ensure that there is no pooling of water in the surrounding areas.

Fruit flies sometimes hitch a ride from your produce that you purchase from your local grocery store or farmers market. Broken screens and open doors give easy access. Fruit flies have a heightened sense of smell which allows them to easily locate rotting and fermented fruits.