There are many species of ants such as the acrobat ant, argentine ant, fire ant, odorous house ant etc. The most common ant that is encountered is the carpenter ant; scientifically known as Camponotus Pennsylvanicus. Carpenter ants are usually black but are also brown and red. Carpenter ants received their name due to their habit of nesting in wood, wooden structures and trees; especially when moisture is present. Carpenter ants create nests by hollowing out tunnels in the wood or wooden structures. Though they complete this specific excavation to create their nest, the carpenter ant does not consume the wood unlike their termite counterpart. The average carpenter ant measures from 1/8inches to ½ inches in length but the queen can be distinguished by her slightly larger size. The queen is the only ant with wings until she mates with a mate and loses them. Carpenter ants work vigorously during the day and they eat at night; they are foragers and tend to create trails up to 300 feet. To eradicate carpenter ants, it is recommended that the water source is located and eliminated. Nests should be located as well and treated with residual sprays or dust using the ‘drill and dust’ application technique. This technique requires a trained technician to drill holes in walls, doors, voids etc.