American Dog Tick

American dog ticks belong to the Acacri/Ixodidae family. They have a tear drop or elongated oval shape and are flat before feeding. During the larvae stage American dog ticks have six legs but develop two more as adults. Larvae appear to be a light yellow when they have not fed and have red marks near or around their eyes; adult American dog ticks are a reddish-brown with white marks on the back. Larvae activity usually begins early Spring and continues into Summer. American dog ticks are popularly found on dogs but sometimes attach to other large mammals or rodents. They are very resilient and can survive without a host for up to 3 years without feeding. American dog ticks thrive externally; grounds should be kept clean and clear to avoid animal or rodent activity; their presence will also result in an increase in ticks. Since the American dog tick thrives outdoors it is very difficult to survive indoors; they can be controlled by vacuuming any suspected areas and applying residual spray in areas where the dog stays for prolonged periods. If bitten please contact a medical professional immediately. If you are unable to treat the American dog ticks; contact your exterminator for professional service and other tips on preventing re-infestation.