Bed Bugs

Scientifically known as Cimex lectularius Linnaeus, bed bugs gained their notoriety from being constantly found in beds whether in personal homes, hotel, shelters etc. Due to an increase in persons traveling and being constantly on the move; bed bugs have also adapted and are traveling wherever you go. Bed bugs can easily hide in various cracks and crevices making it easy for them to be transported from one location to another.If you think you have seen a bed bug; the best way to determine this is by contacting an exterminator who will conduct a thorough inspection. Should you feel the need to conduct your own inspection for bed bugs in your home, business etc. here are a few indicators to look for.

  • Inspect folds and other hiding places – Cracks and Crevices in mattresses and other furniture may have a ‘stink bug’ scent from secretion produced by bed bugs. There may also be signs of stains, old specks of blood and bed bug shells.
  • Bed bugs are flat (if they have not had a blood meal) and have a mahogany/rusty-red color; they may be 3/16 of an inch long with an oval shaped body. Bed bugs are plumper after feeding and develop a brighter red color.

Common household products can be used to prevent a spread of bed bugs in the area that they have lodges but the best way to get rid of these bugs is to contact a professional who would be a able to do a thorough job in eradicating the issue and conduct follow-up preventative treatments.